Agchem and Agbiotech

Avazyme, Inc. plans to offer service lines that will be of relevance for potential collaborations with agrochemical and agbiotech companies to support their R&D, Product Safety, and Product Stewardship efforts. Our goal is to help produce the cleanest, safest and most healthy food for all consumers.

Our Solutions for Agchem and Agbiotech Include:

  1. carrotsCrop field and greenhouse trials (GLP and non-GLP) for agrochemical and seed trait research and development, as well as for regulatory purposes
  2. Analytical method development and validation (e.g. quantitative protein analysis by high resolution mass spectrometry)
  3. Assay development and validation (e.g. ELISA)
  4. Crop, food, and feed analysis (e.g. contaminants, mycotoxins, residues, nutritional contents, nutritional equivalency, trait expression etc.)
  5. Trait analysis, fingerprinting, gene sequencing (e.g. qPCR)
  6. Program management, test substance and test system logistics, processing, and storage
  7. Consulting in Regulatory Science, Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs), Import Tolerances, Food Safety, Food Quality and secondary standards